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Pacer - Interval Fitness Timer app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 368 ratings )
Sports Health & Fitness
Developer: Bright Mediums
Current version: 2.5.5, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 20 Sep 2013
App size: 34.11 Mb

Pacer is the best mobile fitness timer. Its beautiful, its simple, its essential.


Just a few minutes of interval workouts a day can increase fat burning and endurance capacity. Research shows you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of interval training than running for an hour.


• Swipe up and down to add or reduce interval time
• Tap to change intensity from low, medium, high or rest
• Tap to add or remove intervals from sets
• Swipe to change number of sets

• Reorder timers by dragging and dropping timers on the home screen. (First press-and-hold, then drag).
• Save timers with a name to use later.
• Edit or clone existing timers.


The home screen is pre-loaded with different timers and popular interval workouts. Pacer also remembers your last custom timer so repeating them is a snap.

• Intervals. This is a generic interval setting of 30 seconds at low intensity, followed by 30 seconds at high intensity completed by a 30 second rest. You can repeat it as many times as you want or tweak the intervals to suit your needs.
• Tabata. A Tabata is a specific interval workout of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. What exercises can you do in a Tabata? Well, pretty much anything, but we recommend you pick something easy. Youll be doing it a lot for about 4 minutes.
• Countdown. A countdown is the simplest a timer can be. Its one interval of any duration. It’s perfect for a single time-based exercise like a warmup or cooldown.
• Stopwatch. Not all exercises should be time based. Some should be work or rep-based. For those you can use a stopwatch timer.


• Use whatever music app youre using already. In Settings you can configure audio cues and volume.


• Use bluetooth headphones and set the device in landscape.

Pros and cons of Pacer - Interval Fitness Timer app for iPhone and iPad

Pacer - Interval Fitness Timer app good for

Why is it always asking me to rate the app? I always rated twice and dismissed this notification!
This workout timer does it right by not being owerblown with far to many features, that just distract you from the most important thing in the end - doing your workouts. Just measuring measuring time, in intervals, countdowns or whatever else you need. At the same time its beautifully designed, with an intuitive UI, a pleasure to use.
Great app, easy to use, nice interface. Great for workouts where you have to time like circuit training or crossfit!
Good tool, so far so good although I feel that more options are missing
The timer i was looking for. User friendly, specialised for workouts and free :)
It would be great if you add the ability to save and choose different presets in Intervals. Thanks.

Some bad moments

Another otherwise great little app joins the ranks of apps adding banner ads instead of new functionality or features in their latest updates. Release notes "bug fixes"? Come on! A short sentence addressing the move to paid app and I wouldve happily supported the devs, not like this, sorry.
Asks for a review at each start of the app. This makes it very annoying.
Dont ask me to rate you every time after the first time I open the app. Annoying!!
Please stop asking me to write a review, I already did. Its a great app.
Wish it had a louder beep. Update: One star less for constant nagging to rate the app.
Simple and easy to use. I wish the warm up went right into the interval timer though.

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